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By the Wrevel Team 

Nov 14, 2015
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8 Essential Tools for a Startup Entrepreneur

By the Wrevel Team

Do you have a brilliant startup idea? Don’t know where to begin? You can finally get started with the basics and get organized with some pointers on how to get started.

Steps on getting started:

Business Plan:

  • Be creative and stand out.
  • Break down everything you need and your entire plan in a 3-6 month schedule.
  • Good visuals are important. Be realistic and precise with your estimations and timelines.
  • Don’t worry about getting it right or perfect. Business plans change every 6 months.

Plan of Action:

  • Set up a realistic timeline. It’s important to be realistic than overly optimistic.
  • Set goals that you know you can achieve. You can always set incentives for the future.
  • Stick to the schedule - This will be your way of keeping up with your KPI’s.

8 Essential Tools for a Startup Entrepreneur:

LegalZoom - Registering your company. (Very Affordable)

Google Docs - If you have a 4+ member team, Gdocs is super helpful to maintain all your documents from one central location. It is really convenient as it lets you access your files through the cloud and on the go. (Free for up to 15GB of space)

Trello - User friendly project and task management tool. (Free)

Waveapps - Convenient accounting software (Free)

Rocket Lawyer - Legal paperwork : Company Agreements, Equity agreements, NDA’s (Free w/ 7 day trial)

Greendesk or WeWork - Get an office. You can’t work from home. Surrounding yourself with people who are equally motivated is super important. Spaces like Greendesk and WeWork make it really convenient for us to rent office space without having to sign a lease. Their month to month office space rental plan also includes conference rooms, break rooms, and other facilities. (Very Affordable)

Google Analytics (Free) - True and HD quality professional, royalty free images. (Free)