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By Christina Shanker & Kristen Parisi 

July 20, 2016
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Childhood Revisited

By Christina Shanker & Kristen Parisi

Fans of Pokémon during the 90s were kids- children, teenagers, and all the tweens in-between. Fans of Pokémon today are adults, aka previous 90s kids who’ve aged. The recent release of Pokémon Go has relinquished the inner child in all of us. It isn’t until we realize that a Bulbasaur is making us late for work that we truly understand that we’re just big kids, or small adults. It can sometimes feel as if we can’t fully participate in the activities we used to love when we were younger either due to time restrictions on our busy lives and/or the fear of looking silly. There are just some things from our childhood, besides Pokémon, that can not be converted into a game for iOS or Android devices. Luckily, we’ve wreveled in the past and the present to find exactly where you can release your inner child, free of judgment and life responsibilities. If you’re going to act like a child, you might as well look like one. At Mr. Throwback in the East Village, you’ll get a wide variety of vintage clothing. Don’t worry, you won’t have to scavenge through fedoras from the 50s or leg warmers from the 80s to get your look. Mr. Throwback specializes in nostalgic clothing from the 90s, including colorful windbreakers, flannels, and snapbacks. Here, you’ll never have to worry about outgrowing your favorite outfit. When was the last time you bounced on a trampoline? It’s probably been way too long. At Bounce! in Long Island, you’ll get to jump, flip, and spring to your heart’s content. We could tell you all about the health benefits you’ll gain from all that exercise, but going “for the helluvit” should be reason enough. A stereotype that you might fall victim to is the coffee obsessed adult. However, coffee is one aspect of adulthood that we don’t resent. We welcome it with open arms and search long and far for the best cup. Well today’s search has led you to The Uncommon’s. Not only do they have delectable coffee, it is also Manhattan’s only board game café. Remember board games? Those games you used to play with family and friends every night, before endlessly scrolling through Instagram became priority? Playing Monopoly or Scrabble, whether paired with laughs or a screaming match, was probably one part of your childhood you remember fondly. The Uncommon’s combines two things you cherish the most, family game night memories and coffee. Do your roller-skates still fit? We are going to assume no. We are also going to insist that you go to the Roller Rink at Pier 2 in Brooklyn immediately. You’ll get to skate right by the water for as long as you want, or at least until closing. If skating in a rink by the East River hasn’t sold you, the fact that it is free during certain times during the week should. Wear a helmet. Got games on your phone? There are so many games you can download, play, delete and repeat. But there’s something about the whistles and noise that comes from a large machine with a warning label that apps aren’t quite able to replicate. Two Bit's Retro Arcade on the Lower East Side is lined with arcade games. The lively atmosphere, the competitive tension, and the bar in the back is a unique combination. Mornings used to be greeted by a jump for joy, but now it’s addressed but a rude grunt. Our childhood mornings did have an advantage over our less impressive adult mornings, which were morning cartoons. Nitehawk Cinema is giving you chance to experience what a joyous morning felt like with their presentation of Spoons, Toons, and Booze. For one weekend, every month, you’ll be able to watch your favorite Sunday morning cartoons. There is also alcohol and a free cereal bar. Don’t feel pressured to always, “Act your age.” No one really knows what that means anyway. Our stroll down memory lane is a lengthy one, but a trip worth taking. - See more at: