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By Rashaad Peters 

June 14, 2017
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5 Reasons New Yorkers Love Summer

By Rashaad Peters

New Yorkers love the summer. Free concerts, weekend getaways, beaches, and holidays are just a few reasons. The summer season provides New Yorkers with a vibrant ambience, plenty to do outdoors, and memories that last a lifetime.

Free Concerts

Very few things in life are free, so when we get a free opportunity, we enjoy it. Free concerts are offered year round but they are more frequent in the summer season. Every year Good Morning America hosts a ‘Summer Concert Series’ starting in May. This event takes place in Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield, and hosts the year’s biggest artists.

In Brooklyn we have the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival; New York’s longest-running, free, outdoor performing arts festival. The BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival is located at Prospect Park’s Bandshell and has a vast variety of performances.

More free concerts to note are the Summer Garden at MoMA, NBC’s Today Show Summer Concerts, Naumburg Orchestral Concerts, and the New York Philharmonic in the Parks. For more information about these free concerts visit

Ice Cream Trucks

There isn’t a New Yorker that isn't excited when they hear the mellow songs of the ice cream truck. The ice cream truck means different things to different people. For children, the ice cream truck is a solid chance for them to get their cool “sugar rush”, that allows them to keep playing in the hot sun. For the adults, the sight and sound of an ice cream truck is a piece of nostalgia, reminding them of their youthful summer fun.

The great thing about ice cream trucks is that you never have to go to them, they always come to you. At the park or in front your house, these truck-driving heroes are there to serve you with cool, tasty, sugary treats.

Weekend Getaways

The kids are off from school on summer vacation and you have time off, what do you do? Us New Yorkers love to go away for the weekend (money permitting!). Taking some time to get away from the concrete jungle is healthy and necessary for us. Many New Yorkers - not only tourists, use to find the perfect weekend destination. A trip to Upstate New York, Hudson Valley, Westchester, and Long Island is a gift from mother nature because of the amount of beautiful scenery to experience.


For the New Yorkers who do not have the time or money to go away for the weekend, our beautiful beaches are the equivalent. Save yourself the money and time - settle in the sand, swim in the water, fly a kite, or just relax and picnic. Every borough with the exception of Manhattan has beaches for your convenience. There is plenty to love from the famous Coney Island beach to the lesser known beaches such as Orchard Beach in the Bronx, or Riis Park Beach in Queens.


The summer provides plenty of reason for us to celebrate and the holidays give us more reason. Holidays and parties are synonymous when it comes to New York. Events such as the Puerto Rican Day, Dominican Day, and West-Indian Day Parade give us an opportunity to embrace our diverse communities.

For Fourth of July we all acknowledge our patriotism, but we do it in style. Fireworks launched from all parts of the city, barbeques in every backyard, and America in our hearts is an accurate summary of July 4th in New York.

There are many things to love about the summer season in New York. These are just a handful of events that we look forward to once the weather warms up. Holidays such as Fourth of July, beautiful beaches, weekend getaways, and plenty of free concerts citywide, makes our summer great! What do you most look forward to in the summer season?

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