1. What is Wrevel?

Wrevel is a new, innovative social media site used to help members promote all types of events.

2. How can Wrevel help me?

Wrevel can help you advertise your events, encourages networking and simulates interaction with meeting new people. To learn more about how to use Wrevel, check out more on our How Wrevel Works page.

3. How can I create an event?

To create an event simply sign in to your account and on the "My Wrevs" page there will be a "Create a Wrev" section at the bottom of the page. Once you click on "Create a Wrev", input all the information about the event and click "Submit" at the bottom of the popup. *There is also a plus icon at the right side of the header that follows you around throughout the website. This is a shortcut to Create a Wrev.

4. What are MyWrevs?

MyWrevs is your personal account where you can view what events are coming up, occasions that you are attending and previously attended, invitations other Wrevel members sent you and events that you post.

5. Who can see my events?

You have the option of making your event public or exclusive by selecting public or the private option when you’re creating the event. We also have an exclusive option that lets you hide and reveal the address of your event location based on how comfortable you are with the attendee list.

6. What are the advantages of using Wrevel?

Advantages of using Wrevel include promoting yourself, your business and event, staying in-the-loop with social events in your neighborhood and socializing and meeting with new, interesting people.

7. Is there a limit to how much I can post?

There is no restriction to how much you can post.

8. Is there a price to use Wrevel?

Wrevel is completely and utterly free!

9. What kind of information should I post on Wrevel?

You can find any social information from book signings, study groups, street performances, concerts, festivals, club events, and much more!

10. How does Wrevel's ticket system work?

With Wrevel's ticket system, you can purchase tickets to an event directly through the "MyWrevs" page by clicking on the event and inputting your credit card information in the "Buy Ticket" section.

11. How do I use the "Hide event address" feature?

Wrevel allows for privacy settings that can hide the address of an event until the poster approves the attendee, opening the platform up for use by people hosting, say, a low-key poetry reading at their apartment, or a limited-head-count walking tour.

12. What is the fee for paid events?

Wrevel charges $1.50 per transaction and $.99 per ticket. Credit Card processing fee is $2.9 % + $.30 . Check out our Pricing page for more information about the most affordable ticket pricing on the internet!

Have more questions or want to reach out to us? Get in contact with us at info@wrevel.com.

FAQ | Wrevel - Discover Your World, Host & Experience Events

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